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Welcome to AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students

We bring together schools/colleges and Guardianship Organisations to ensure and promote the welfare of international students, aged 18 or under, studying at UK schools/colleges. AEGIS provides a forum for best practice for schools/colleges and Guardianship Organisations through regular workshops and conferences.

The welfare of international students is essential to UK schools/colleges and the provision of trustworthy, caring and efficient guardianship is paramount to the student’s welfare. AEGIS is the authoritative association for inspecting and accrediting UK Guardianship Organisations in accordance with a strict Code of Practice and current child care legislation.

By choosing one of our accredited Guardianship Organisations, parents can be sure that their child will receive quality guardianship and support during their stay in the UK.

It is recommended that all international students have an Educational Guardian who will act as the parents' representative whilst the student is studying in the UK. The majority of independent schools make it a condition of admission to their school that any overseas student must have a UK based Educational Guardian.